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CD01 What is the Holy Trinity?

The Bible teaches that there is only one God (see Deuteronomy 6:4 and James 2:19). Yet at the same time, Scripture calls three Persons “God” (the Father; the Son, Jesus; and the Holy Spirit). It describe all three in ways that pertain to God alone, not to creatures. Also, the three names are not simply various ways of speaking about the same Person. At the Lord Jesus’ baptism, it was clear that the three Persons are not the same.  

Of course there is no contradiction here. It could be simply explained as God is one Being in three Persons one in essence. There was no time where one of the three did not exist. It could be understood by the example of the fire. The fire has its flames, its light and its heat. We call The flame fire, the light fire and the heat fire.   They are not the same because you see the light not the heat and you feel the heat not the light and surely the flame is neither the heat nor the light. Of course, this is just a materialistic analogy that is by no means adequate to describe God.   As a limited humans, we can not comprehend fully the unlimited God.

Below is a very brief chart that shows that each of the Persons in the Trinity share the same attributes that only God shares.  But remember, the Father, Son, and Holy Spirit are not the same.  Therefore, we say there are three Persons.




Called God

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All knowing

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A Will

Luke 22:42

Luke 22:42

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Acts 13:2



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